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In 2013 The Pink Tee Golf launched their program introducing inner city girls to the game of golf in Dallas Texas. The program offered after school programs along with an 18-week program at Cedar Crest Golf Course, where girls learned valuable life skills along with golf skills.

In 2014 Pink Tee expanded to McKinney, TX. Offering programs at Oak Hollow Golf in McKinney, TX. Participants not only learn the fundamentals of golf but also valuable life skills that included honesty, respect, confidence and leadership.

Back by popular demand, Pink Tee offers six-week sessions from March to October. Pink Tee brings back its focus to introducing girls to golf and the benefits of knowing the game.

Girls of all ages enjoy learning a new sport that gives them challenges that they can relate to everyday activities.

Pink Tee teaches girls to maintain positive attitudes while working to achieve their goals. Ultimately Pink Tee's goal is to work with participants to obtain golf scholarships to colleges and universities across the country.

Parent Tells How Pink Tee Has Helped Her Daughter

This parent is proud to see the changes that Pink Tee has made in her daughter's life.

Pink Tee Golf Has Cookies!

Yes, Pink Tee girls learn golf and valuable

life skills, but they also get cookies!

What is Pink Tee

 Pink Tee introduces girls between the ages of 7-17 to the game of golf.

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